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maybe if you came and fell asleep next to me I wouldn’t be so sad

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I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.

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fun drinking game: take a shot of water every couple hours to make sure you’re healthy and hydrated

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nothing will ruin your 20’s more than thinking you should have your life together already.

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The funny thing about introverts is once they feel comfortable with you, they can be the funniest, most enjoyable people to be around. It’s like a secret they feel comfortable sharing with you. Except the secret is their personality


So, I was in the car today and saw someone with the license plate “X0DUS3 5”, so I thought it was like Exodus 3:5 and I looked it up, and do you know what it said?

"Do not come any closer"

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Nostalgia is a dirty liar that insists things were better than they seemed.

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having anxiety and depression is like being scared and tired at the same time. it’s the fear of failure but no urge to be productive, and it’s wanting friends while hating socializing. it’s like running a marathon with the willpower of a corpse because you want to get to the end but you also want to sleep and evaporate into the soil and become compost for snails and flowers because then at least you’re useful

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god who fucking cares. who fucking cares. who fucking cares. everyone stop being offended and mad over the smallest shit ever. ask urself who the fuck fucking cares

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I feel like no one will understand how depressed I am until I kill myself.

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Have you ever just lied down in bed? Feeling really sad. And it’s that point where you have stopped crying, but only because there are no tears left. You just lay there, miserable. And all you know is that there’s this misery filling up inside you.